The Orientalist

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The Orientalist, circa 2004. Eight chapters - Odalisque, Export, Jerusalem, Still Life Past, and then, Crossroads, slipping, "we hear sirens...", Bearing Lines and Shadow. Film and video. Recorded off manual film viewers, magnifying glass, television. Projected through mesh fabrics and metal, taped off glass, reflected against harlequin pattern shopping bags, framing nighttime tv, weaving through a Greek line circle dance. TV commercials, a 1965 Italian James Bond knock off on pink faded 16mm, battle of the network stars, artificial nightskies, made for tv movies of homeland security, newsclips off CBN, about suicide bombers, birth control, carpet cleaners, cosmetics, SUVs, Dean Martin, mobile phone ads. On distance. Etc. Around five hours. Frame by frame edited in iMovie, NTSC, approximately 30 frames per second, split every two to three frames throughout. Various stages and textures of film to video translations interwoven frame by frame, onto multiple screens into one screen, either a monitor or projected. A micro-mosaic, impressionism, moving in time, a fragmented structure mixed together by the perception of the viewer.

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